Our company specialises in professional powder-painting of steel, galvanised and non-ferrous metals. We have a powder coating line for small and large size details.

  • maximum dimensions of powder coated elements are: 7,000 x 1,180 x 1,750 mm

  • thermal resistance of up to 500°C when using special paints

  • coat layer thickness: 60-110 µ

  • top layer thickness: 80-120 µ

  • abrasion resistance

Before painting – depending on the material – the details are subjected to mechanical and chemical processes. We use paint from manufacturers of global brands that ensure repeatability and guarantee the durability of the paint coating. Our powder coating is characterised by high resistance to chemical, mechanical and atmospheric factors. The paint is cured at a temperature of 150-200°C for 10 to 20 minutes.

Gema OptiFlex Pro B

A device intended for production requiring frequent and quick colour changes, designed to collect paint from original factory containers.